Periods Only Stop Sentences

My first night on campus as a freshman, some people and I were chilling in the dorm. One of the guys invited all of us to chill at their place because curfew was ending. A couple of the girls wanted to go but I believe in traveling in 3s so I was cool with going. We told them to text us when they were finished whatever they were about to do and we’ll let them know when we’ll be ready to get picked up. We gave our goodbyes and one of the guys I hugged grabbed my face. He stared me for a few seconds then kissed me all in my mouth. Whoa nigga. I was caught very much off guard so I pushed him away. I hate being randomly kissed like that. The girls and I chilled then got ready. They picked us and I tried a Four Loko in the car. It was grape and it tasted like crap. We got the apartment chill and talk.

One of the girls brought up the topic of head and how guys give amazing head. I jokingly said “I can’t join this convo because I’ve never gotten head”. The guy who kissed me earlier (B.R.A.) looked at me and said “I’ve been wanting to taste it all night”. He threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the room. I’m yelling the whole way there that’s he’s gonna go be pissed because I’m still on my period. I told him “dude I’m really on my cycle” and he said “periods only stop sentences”. He proceeded to pull my sweats and panties down in one smooth shift. He looked up at me and said “you can make a girl feel good on her period. Just lick the clit only”. He was not lying πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was really on my last complete day so I didn’t bleed on the sheets and I had a tampon in. He licked the clit for what seemed like hours then told me to flip over.

In my head I’m like……IMG_4727

He told me to relax, spread my cheeks apart, and ate my ass. That was the first time I had ever gotten that treatment so I was just in lalaland. It was the most pleasurable yet weird strong feeling ever. He ate my ass until I came four times.

When I put my pants and panties back on, he told me about how he used to do that with his son’s mother. He showed me pictures of his son. He just wanted to cuddle afterwards. We fell asleep and I woke up to his cousin punching the pillow like he was fighting someone in his dream. Everyone was laying the opposite way of each other but I peeped him fighting that pillow.

In the morning we jumped up for class, and he begged me to stay with him for the day. We went back over later that night with more girls and they bought us bottles.

B.R.A. and I dealt with each other for 3 months until I moved on and got a boyfriend. He kept asking to have sex but he would make comments about wanting children. Nah I’m good.


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