I’m fineΒ 

I’ll be back on Monday. I’am actually a having “no sex phase” so I wasn’t in the mood to write about my past experiences. I didn’t forget about you all and I appreciated the messages I was sent. I will be posting more starting Monday. 

I am also writing a short story series that will be posted soon.

Love yall😊✍🏽

Slight Rambling of the Term Hoe…

IMG_8186This is going to be a slight ramble….

What is a hoe? Everyone has their own definition of what a hoe is. The most common definition of what a hoe is someone who’s had many sex partners. The issue with that definition is HOW MANY IS TOO MANY?

No one really knows another person’s true body count unless they have been in the room with the other person everytime they’ve had sex. I personally believe asking someone’s body count is immature. Almost everyone has sex and wishes they could erase a body or two. Almost 90% of the time. if someone has been sexually assaulted, gone through a “hoe-phase”. or too drunk to remember they don’t have to count certain Β bodies.

It’s crazy how women… black women especially are held to this higher standard of “purity” but when they get with their partner they’re supposed to known every type of sex position to suck dick in. You can’t expect a Mother Teresa to know everything. Half of these men out here still don’t eat pussy or think it’s gross but expect you please them anyway they ask but anyways…..

This higher standard we put women on is stupid. Nothing is wrong with being a virgin, saying no to someone you’ve sexed before, liking sex. Sex is natural… well it’s supposed to be…women like sex too but don’t want to judged for doing the same shit men do. Most women like porn, sex toys, cumming, orgasming, and the feeling of being sexual empowered. As long as you are practicing safe sex then do you. You have to be able to wake up in the morning.

Everyone is human right? No one is better than the other. Everyone has skeletons that they don’t want to creep out. Before you judge anyone make sure your hands aren’t dirty. Secrets come out when they want.

IMG_8184Personally I only put things in the hoe category if you aren’t using protection at all. You can have as many bodies as possible and not be a hoe if you’re using protection because you care about your sexual health. I never care to ask about body count…. I always ask about test results. Most “hoes” use protection and still get tested more than twice a year.


You can have many sex partners because you like sex and still care about your sexual health.

People assume “hoes” don’t care. If you have called a woman or another woman a hoe but you know you have some skeletons…. please sit down. A lot of men I know, bodies are in the triple digits..same with women especially when you include just oral… drunk nights… and etc. College is an experimental time for most… so if you’ve been to college and aren’t a virgin….it’s safe to assume you have more than two bodies.. just oral sex included. WHICH DOES NOT MAKE YOU A “HOE”.

Car Sex (Haven’t Tried This Since Freshman Year)

The day of this big party, my friends and I were running around to get outfits. I was telling this guy Tarik, I was gonna be busy all day so meeting up wasn’t gonna be a possibility. Somehow things worked out and I found time to chill with him.

Tarik is very tall, light skinned, kinda skinny, some facial hair , and has nice ass lips.

Tarik was leaving an event and asked to see me while he was on this side of town. I had just came back from the store and when we pulled into the lot, he was there. Before we left my friend and I were drinking, so I was slightly buzzed. Tarik and I sat in the car for a minute. Everyone know when you start drinking you get comfortable as hell… especially in a car. Soooooo I was comfortable as shit… so much so that I asked for a scalp massage. Fast forward a little, and we ended up kissing for a bit in his car. I hate kissing with a passion unless you’re my partner but he was a good kisser. When we first paused he said I was ‘trouble’…. I said, “not too much trouble” so we went back to kissing.

Tarik and I both had things to do so we parted ways. He asked me if I wanted him to the stay in the area or continue with his plans for the night. I told him to continue with his plans of course but as soon as I walked into the apartment, he texted me telling me he was staying in town for the night and call him after the party.

I was sending pics of my outfit throughout the night to him with drunk texts. I FaceTimed him after the party to really let him know I was really going to take him up on his offer. While talking to him about eating my ass, I was rudely interrupted by someone I used to talk to who wasted my time (6 years ago)… he wanted another chance…. annoying ass niggaπŸ™„. Nigga was ignored and I told Tarik I was on the way.

We got back to the apartment after eating some McD’s and I immediately jumped in the shower. He was on his way and I had took to too long in the shower so I had to throw my clothes on. I got into the car and we drove around for a bit looking for a spot to have sex at. Luckily the apartment complex had many dark places. We settled on a spot and I climbed into the back. He came around after making sure no one was watching.

(Before I get to the next part… lemme tell you I was running into guys who don’t eat… it was like the older they were the most bulshit they were on…. CHILDISH SHIT)

I pulled my shorts off, he lifted my hips up to vibrate his tongue on my clit. I nearly fucking passed out. Normally I don’t like the tongue in my pussy… it feels weird to me sometimes but he did a good job with it. He kept going from sucking on the clit to tongue-fucking the pussy for a minute and then he did something I didn’t think he was really gonna do… lifted my hips more and started eating my ass😫😫😫😫😫. I started to run at this point but he just gripped my hips tighter and tighter. He started telling me, I tasted good and all that so I decided to lick and suck my juices off his lips. He went back down to continue eating… my vision started to get blurry as fuck because I felt like I was gonna squirt. I think I did but I know I definitely came😏.

He grabbed the condom from his pocket and he slow fuck the life out of me. Since this was our first time fucking… I don’t think he knew to choke me but he knew to pull my hair. He sucked on my ear and neck as he went faster and started to really push my legs to my ears. He dug into my hips as he came. Tarik put my legs back down and started eating again. He really flicked his tongue on my clit and I pushed his face in deeper so I could cum on his tongue.

After I came, I wanted to 69 so I started sucking on his nipples then biting down to his hips. I spit and suck his dick for a minute and try to get into the right position. My drunkass decides to try it by sitting in his lap and lifting my legs to push my pussy into his face. ……….I thought my legs were moving up but… they weren’t. They were still on top his sitting peacefully……….I span around to the face him and started riding.

I never thought you could ride in the backseat… always thought more leg room was needed… DRUNK BLACK QUEEN MADE IT HAPPEN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was bouncing up and down… hitting my fucking head on the ceiling but no fucks were given. I don’t know what exactly I said to him but I was talking shit. I know I started talking shit when I really started listening to him tell me how wet I was. I felt myself about to cum but I wanted to edge a little bit so I asked for us to change positions.

I bent over on the backseat and he pushed himself in. He cervix-knocked a little so I had him back up a little (but not too much). His tip danced on my gspot with slow deep strokes as I threw it back on him. I squirted on the seats and needed a break. By the time I was ready to go again, he was drained completely.

We talked about some stuff and put our clothes back on. We made plans to really chill (nonsexual) but I’ve been sick and busy. Finally, we saw each other for a little bit a couple of days ago. We just took a drive.


I was about to leave for spring break and I wanted to see Nuisance. I called him the night before and asked if he could drive up. He said he could but he had to drop off his brothers first. I shaved in the shower and went to sleep.

He was supposed to come at 10am but I knew he wasn’t gonna make that time he because he had been drinking the night before and he lived 2-3 hours away. I ate some food and jumped in the shower since he woke me up calling nonstop. Nuisance came around 12pm and looked so beat when I opened the door. I wanted to let him sleep and take a nap my damn self. I walked into my bedroom and chilled on the bed for it while he handled a family call. He came into the room and took my shirt off of me and pulled me into the living room.

My apartment kept the blinds open but he wanted them closed so none would see us. Marshall sat on the couch and had me straddle him. I was still mad about him being late so I was pouting and fussing at him. I got off of him being an asshole because I felt him getting hard. Nuisance moved to the big couch and asked me to sit on him again. He grabbed my face, kissed me, and apologized for being late. He started sucking my nipples and neck as he rubbed my back.

I got off of him again and told him to take off his pants. As soon as he sat down after removing everything, I took him into my mouth. I sucked on the head and watched his eyes roll back as I took him whole. I took turns with my hands and mouth stroking him. I reached up with my free hand and started choking him. When I could tell he was close to cumming I stopped.

I got up off my knees and straddle him again. He put his dick in and grabbed my hips so he could jack hammer me. I was creaming everywhere while he was kissing me all over my titties and neck. He grabbed my face and made me look at him while he hit my spots. He sucked on my lips and told me to “cum for daddy”. He was giving my ass hard slaps (the kind that sting but feel so good) and I came all over that man. He had the biggest innocent but not really grin on his face.

He bent me over the couch. I told him to hurry up and put the dick in. He entered me slowly and I yelled at him to not be soft this time. Nuisance grabbed my hair and sped that shit up. I almost fell off the couch. He put my arms behind my back and sped it up even more. If my roommates were home, they would’ve been pissed. We were definitely moaning too loud and cussing each other out.

Marshall let me put my arms back on the couch to balance myself. He lifted one of my legs up and slow stroked me. He licked and bit my back. Marshall started choking me and put his fingers in my mouth. I started squirting and he pulled my face to his so we could kiss. After I finished squirting, I turned around to face him. I lifted my legs up and held them. Marshall shoved it in and made sure to keep tapping my gspot while playing with my clit.

He basically had us in that “you’re gonna be a father position”. Marshall stroked me and I sucked on his ears and neck. I let my ankles go and they landed on his shoulders. I reached up and stared choking him. I love feeling his dick pulse fast to the point where I have to question if he’s cumming in me. When I started calling him “daddy” his dick pulse quickened. I clenched my walls on him and told him to “cum wherever he wanted”. We started biting each other’s lips and I heard his cum groan start. He couldn’t cum in me so he pulled out and came somewhere. I squirted everywhere too. Β I don’t know where the cum landed or even cared to know.

I made us plates of food as he put his clothes on. I ate my food really quickly and put my shirt back on. I was chilling in my room and he came into the room fussing because I wasn’t spending time with him. I actually filing my gyno test results since I was recently tested. He looked at the paperwork. I told him the test results were from my wellness check (Pap smear and blood work) so he helped me file it. I have some womenly issues with my cycle and anemia issues so he was always on top of me making sure things are being taken care of. My iron was still kinda low so he fussed a little. He was being nosy on my desk. He played with the beads and mask from the masquerade party. He made a joke about that night and we went into the living room to chill. We watched a few videos while I rubbed his beard and head while he rubbed my butt.

I had to leave out so I walked him and we kissed and he did this thing that freaked me out a little. He was rubbing my hands and staring at me in my eyes. I had to cut the eye contact because family was on the way. I gave him another kiss goodbye and went upstairs to get ready to go meet the family.

Don’t Grip the Shower Rod

I woke up from a nap after getting my soul sucked out my clit. Darryl was in the shower and I wanted to join him. I took off my clothes piece by piece and by the time I got to the door I was butt ass naked. The door had a crack in it so I went in and turned out the lights. I love showering in the dark. He called out my name and I told Darryl I had to pee so he wouldn’t attack me when I came in. Everyone thinks about how they’ll have to fight an intruder naked once or twice in the shower lol. But anyways I pulled the curtain back, stepped in, and he was turned around.

Nothing like seeing a strong black man shower after pleasing you…. tell me I’m lying. I fucking dare you.

I rubbed his back and kissed his neck while he continued washing. Darryl turned around to me and lifted me up on his shoulders. He threw me up against the wall. As my back pressed up against the cold wall, he warmed me up by licking my clit. He took his time licking, sucking, and nibbling on my clit. I squirted in his mouth and he had me stand and him get on his knees. Darryl decided to put his middle finger in my butt. He continued eating me as he played with my butt.

As I started cumming again, Darryl pushed his finger in deeper. He caught the nut again and swallowed it. He wouldn’t let me catch my breath… he started eating my ass. I was scratching the walls. Then when he started playing with my clit I started to run.

Run where? I don’t know but that feeling was too great.

I was on the back wall so I gripped the shower rod because my knees started to feel weak. Darryl kept going and I started to cum. I came in his mouth and let go of the shower rod. He stood up and lifted one of my legs up to work his dick in. Darryl slow stroked me with deep strokes. He started choking me and bit my ear and neck. I felt like I was going to cum again soon so I told him to stop playing with my ear. Did her listen? No that nigga didn’t. He sped up his stroke and I felt my knees getting weaker. I grabbed the shower rod again so I wouldn’t fall.

I tugged the shower wall a little too hard and it came tumbling down.

I mean Humpty Dumpty falling down. I tried to catch it but I was being a dumbass at the moment and put my foot up on the tub. The tub was slippery because one of the shower gels had a lot of oil in it. So that being said I slipped, kicked him, and knocked over everything in the process not trying to not fall.

He had a red mark from the kick and I suffered leg pain for a week. NEVER AGAIN.

Background on Nuisance/Marshall

Everyone keeps asking for more stories about me and Nuisance/Marshall. What does he look like? What happened between us? What was the status?

First off, let me say…. Thank you readers. I appreciate y’allπŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—πŸ€—.

Nuisance…. I call him Marshall sometimes.



full ass beard and waves.

Strong (that man picked up me bridal style and carried to my room kissing me… I was 😩😩😩) (he also carried me to my apartment because my feet were killing me from the car… I was πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸŒŠπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­)

Kissable lips that are slightly darkened from smoking… but we smoked together sometimes (he was surprised to find out I smoke caponesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚)

Dimples that make you want to lick them

Greek… maybe I’ll say the org one day who knows




How we met: there’s a little argument about this.

He claims we met when I was started college (I had just turned 19) and he came into my job. Personally, I remember helping him but that’s about it. He tweeted me right after and followed me on all my social media. He was friends with all my friends and played football. He transferred shortly afterwards.

I claim we met on my 23rd bday (4years later) at his org’s party. His dean was tryna introduce me to one of the older brothers but Marshall basically knocked dude out the way. He asked if I remembered him and when I told him no… he proceeded to tell me everything about myself that he knew… The dean said he’d give us a ride home but Marshall ended up being the driver. Shit was cool until we started disputing about zodiac signs… you don’t tell me Aries are the best sign when you have a fellow Libra celebrating her bday in the car. I told him I was gonna slap him and he dared me so I did it. He asked me to ride shot gun. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ



Situationship…. unspoken feelings




Why we’re not speaking at the moment:

When we first met he had a girl that he was on break with. I asked did he have a girl and he said no so he didn’t lie….per say. Something traumatizing had happen between me and another guy so my openness was completely shot… it still kinda is I’ll admit. When we reconnected, I had a terrible boyfriend and I was being rude to Nuisance. I said some hurtful shit I shouldn’t have said…. but hurt people hurt people right? He got back with his girlfriend while I was still going through things with my boyfriend at the time so when I broke up with my ex…he broke with his ex. We both knew feelings were there but I kept curving him…. I don’t like to start things without making sure I was ready. I was a toxic abusive relationship with my ex (physical, emotional, & etc). As time went on I still had my guard up and he ended up dating someone else. The last time we really spoke it wasn’t good. I could tell he was still hurt (we’d been going back forth with this for a year). We still had feelings for each other. We’ve never argued and that was the first time we had any type of conflict.

I chalk all this shit up to miscommunication, bad timing, and slow-healing guarded hearts. I still love him… I’m going to always love him. That’s Daddy.


“Twas the Night of Toga

I had just seen Nuisance/Marshall a week or two before this big annual party that happens in my city. I made rum Jell-O shots the night before. My roommate and friends decided to get dressed at our apartment so my roommate and I double-cleaned up. As we’re getting ready, I’m taking shot after shot. I had about 15 or 16 and a cup of juice the roommate made. When we’re finally dressed, Ray-Ray pulled out a blunt for T and I to smoke with him. I took a couple more shots with everyone and we left.

On the way there, I’m sending Nuisance pics and messages telling what I planned to do to him lol. The party was insane and I was being given their drinks by one of the brothers because we’ve been cool since I was a freshman. He gave me 5 or 6 cups. After a while I start to feel the drinks and shots, so I texted Nuisance and told him to meet me in a corner. I was gonna fuck him on the dance floor. We kept tryna meet up but our crossfadedasses were on opposite sides of this damn room with thousands of ppl in-between us. I go back to dancing with my ppls. When the party was over we walked to the car and before I could even put on my seatbelt, Nuisance was blowing up my phone….

Marshall: Where are you?

Me: About to pull off

Marshall: Lemme have a threesome…

Me: Nigga let have one with a you and guy (knowing he’d shut up)

Marshall: I was joking. You want me all to yourself don’t you because you know I’m your’……

Me: Yep got it *click*

Marshall (after calling me back): Don’t hang up on me again <he says my name> … We’re on the way.. How many girls do you have with you? I have 4 guys.

Me: 3 girls.

Marshall: Ard see you when I get there. Be ready for me… we’re having a long night.

Me: whatever bye

I took my shower and when I came out Nuisance was calling. They couldn’t get into the building so RayRay went downstairs to get them. Nuisance and his brothers came into the room and spoke. Nuisance walked up to me and started kissing me so the brothers took that as their cue to leave the room. They went to the couches where the liquor was and Nuisance closed the door. He walked over to me and started kissing me on my neck (He’s the only man who can kiss me on my neck correctly and have me soaked). He played with the clit then lifted me off the bed and moved my shorts to the side. He slid in slowly and stroked me fast a shit. I started to moan really loudly so he placed his fingers in my mouth and pulled my head back so we can kiss. He asked me if he’s the only one I’m messing with… told him yea (of course)… the pussy was his (IT IS STILL HIS). We came together and fixed our clothes to go to the room to chill with our friends.

We were playing Kings and talking shit. Nuisance asked me again was he the only one I was messing with after we had some shots…I told him the same answer I gave in the room .. One of his brothers made a slick comment about trying to get with me and he give him a look so the brother shut up. One by one the brothers went to sleep with the liq in their hands. Ray-Ray, T, Nuisance, and I were still up so we were just talking. I felt all the liq and weed started to hit so I grabbed a Capone so Nuisance and I could smoke. T and Ray-Ray went home.

Nuisance and I went into the room. He pulled my shorts down and pulled off my old school cropped top. He threw me on the bed and started kissing and licking me from my neck down to my feet (not a feet person but he can do whatever he want to my body). He came back up and flipped me over to my stomach. Nuisance bit the back of my neck to my butt. He decided to lick both my cheeks. I almost jumped off the bed. I turned back around. He stared at me then started kissing me on my lips for the longest time. Biting. Sucking. Licking. I was begging for the dick by this time.

He lifted my legs and putting them together to one side and started slow stroking me. As he sped up his strokes, he bit my ankles and calves… that shit was everything …or so I thought. I spread my legs so he can go deeper because I felt myself building up to squirt. He gripped my ankles and stroked faster. He spreads my legs further apart and asked if I loved him…. I managed to speak out a “yes” as I’m squirting on him and he’s kissing me.

I rolled over to my stomach.I arched my back and told him to put it wherever he wanted. He grabbed me by my braids and shoved his dick in. I’m throwing it back on him as he’s biting my back and neck. I felt my cream dripping down our legs and heard his breathing quicken. I tighten my walls around him and he groaned louder. The dick pulse was quickened. He asked “where do you want it”… of course I tell him “anywhere baby it’s your pussy”. He pulled out and I flipped over to catch the nut. I swallowed it and looked up at him with a grin.

We cuddled until he fell sleep with a smile on his face. I threw my robe on and put blankets on his brothers since we turned the air up in the apartment. I came back into the room and he pulled me close to him in his sleep. This is where the real drunk side of me came out. I was horny again so I kept tryna suck his dick while he sleep. They had a conference in the morning but I didn’t give a shit. He kept saying “give me 15 minutes baby”. I set an alarm to wake him up in time for sex before the conference… I slept through it. I just woke him up after his brothers damn near banged the door down. We kissed and I went back to sleep.

When a hard dick isn't enough to please her.