How are you as a black woman is so open about your sexuality?

Black Queen:

From the moment I realized I liked both boys and girls when I was 8 years old, I knew I would have to accept me. It’s been a long road but at the end of the day.. THIS IS MY LIFE. I’m not going to allow someone to make me feel bad about x amount of partners or who I ever I’ve sleep with. It’s my business. I’ve been called every name in the book…mostly by black men and the shit is sad. If you’re grown and your partner is grown do y’all. Be safe, stay getting checked, and focus on yourself. People can tell you until they’re blue in the face what to do with your pussy/dick but it’s YOUR’S. YOU HAVE ONE LIFE TO LIVE. YOUR LIFE.







Anon: Some girls I’m cool with judge me about me sex life. Should I talk to them, avoid them, or leave the topic of sex alone?

Black Queen: Babygirl sex is natural. It’s a natural part of life. Now some people may say sex is meant for your husband and blah blah… but it’s a lot of people who didn’t save themselves for marriage and have more than one body. If your friends are virgins… it can be curiosity…. which is fine but you shouldn’t be judged. If they aren’t virgins and are having sex just like you are… they need to mind their fucking business. No one can make you feel some type of way about yourself as long as you’re able to look at yourself in the mirror everyday and be happy with yourself. If you know you trust your partners.. the communication, respect, and sex is amazing…then keep doing you. Nothing is black and white when it comes to sex or partnerships/relationships. Tell them how you feel and if they continue to judge…. they aren’t your real friends.