Slight Rambling of the Term Hoe…

IMG_8186This is going to be a slight ramble….

What is a hoe? Everyone has their own definition of what a hoe is. The most common definition of what a hoe is someone who’s had many sex partners. The issue with that definition is HOW MANY IS TOO MANY?

No one really knows another person’s true body count unless they have been in the room with the other person everytime they’ve had sex. I personally believe asking someone’s body count is immature. Almost everyone has sex and wishes they could erase a body or two. Almost 90% of the time. if someone has been sexually assaulted, gone through a “hoe-phase”. or too drunk to remember they don’t have to count certain  bodies.

It’s crazy how women… black women especially are held to this higher standard of “purity” but when they get with their partner they’re supposed to known every type of sex position to suck dick in. You can’t expect a Mother Teresa to know everything. Half of these men out here still don’t eat pussy or think it’s gross but expect you please them anyway they ask but anyways…..

This higher standard we put women on is stupid. Nothing is wrong with being a virgin, saying no to someone you’ve sexed before, liking sex. Sex is natural… well it’s supposed to be…women like sex too but don’t want to judged for doing the same shit men do. Most women like porn, sex toys, cumming, orgasming, and the feeling of being sexual empowered. As long as you are practicing safe sex then do you. You have to be able to wake up in the morning.

Everyone is human right? No one is better than the other. Everyone has skeletons that they don’t want to creep out. Before you judge anyone make sure your hands aren’t dirty. Secrets come out when they want.

IMG_8184Personally I only put things in the hoe category if you aren’t using protection at all. You can have as many bodies as possible and not be a hoe if you’re using protection because you care about your sexual health. I never care to ask about body count…. I always ask about test results. Most “hoes” use protection and still get tested more than twice a year.


You can have many sex partners because you like sex and still care about your sexual health.

People assume “hoes” don’t care. If you have called a woman or another woman a hoe but you know you have some skeletons…. please sit down. A lot of men I know, bodies are in the triple digits..same with women especially when you include just oral… drunk nights… and etc. College is an experimental time for most… so if you’ve been to college and aren’t a virgin….it’s safe to assume you have more than two bodies.. just oral sex included. WHICH DOES NOT MAKE YOU A “HOE”.


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