Car Sex (Haven’t Tried This Since Freshman Year)

The day of this big party, my friends and I were running around to get outfits. I was telling this guy Tarik, I was gonna be busy all day so meeting up wasn’t gonna be a possibility. Somehow things worked out and I found time to chill with him.

Tarik is very tall, light skinned, kinda skinny, some facial hair , and has nice ass lips.

Tarik was leaving an event and asked to see me while he was on this side of town. I had just came back from the store and when we pulled into the lot, he was there. Before we left my friend and I were drinking, so I was slightly buzzed. Tarik and I sat in the car for a minute. Everyone know when you start drinking you get comfortable as hell… especially in a car. Soooooo I was comfortable as shit… so much so that I asked for a scalp massage. Fast forward a little, and we ended up kissing for a bit in his car. I hate kissing with a passion unless you’re my partner but he was a good kisser. When we first paused he said I was ‘trouble’…. I said, “not too much trouble” so we went back to kissing.

Tarik and I both had things to do so we parted ways. He asked me if I wanted him to the stay in the area or continue with his plans for the night. I told him to continue with his plans of course but as soon as I walked into the apartment, he texted me telling me he was staying in town for the night and call him after the party.

I was sending pics of my outfit throughout the night to him with drunk texts. I FaceTimed him after the party to really let him know I was really going to take him up on his offer. While talking to him about eating my ass, I was rudely interrupted by someone I used to talk to who wasted my time (6 years ago)… he wanted another chance…. annoying ass niggaπŸ™„. Nigga was ignored and I told Tarik I was on the way.

We got back to the apartment after eating some McD’s and I immediately jumped in the shower. He was on his way and I had took to too long in the shower so I had to throw my clothes on. I got into the car and we drove around for a bit looking for a spot to have sex at. Luckily the apartment complex had many dark places. We settled on a spot and I climbed into the back. He came around after making sure no one was watching.

(Before I get to the next part… lemme tell you I was running into guys who don’t eat… it was like the older they were the most bulshit they were on…. CHILDISH SHIT)

I pulled my shorts off, he lifted my hips up to vibrate his tongue on my clit. I nearly fucking passed out. Normally I don’t like the tongue in my pussy… it feels weird to me sometimes but he did a good job with it. He kept going from sucking on the clit to tongue-fucking the pussy for a minute and then he did something I didn’t think he was really gonna do… lifted my hips more and started eating my ass😫😫😫😫😫. I started to run at this point but he just gripped my hips tighter and tighter. He started telling me, I tasted good and all that so I decided to lick and suck my juices off his lips. He went back down to continue eating… my vision started to get blurry as fuck because I felt like I was gonna squirt. I think I did but I know I definitely came😏.

He grabbed the condom from his pocket and he slow fuck the life out of me. Since this was our first time fucking… I don’t think he knew to choke me but he knew to pull my hair. He sucked on my ear and neck as he went faster and started to really push my legs to my ears. He dug into my hips as he came. Tarik put my legs back down and started eating again. He really flicked his tongue on my clit and I pushed his face in deeper so I could cum on his tongue.

After I came, I wanted to 69 so I started sucking on his nipples then biting down to his hips. I spit and suck his dick for a minute and try to get into the right position. My drunkass decides to try it by sitting in his lap and lifting my legs to push my pussy into his face. ……….I thought my legs were moving up but… they weren’t. They were still on top his sitting peacefully……….I span around to the face him and started riding.

I never thought you could ride in the backseat… always thought more leg room was needed… DRUNK BLACK QUEEN MADE IT HAPPEN πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I was bouncing up and down… hitting my fucking head on the ceiling but no fucks were given. I don’t know what exactly I said to him but I was talking shit. I know I started talking shit when I really started listening to him tell me how wet I was. I felt myself about to cum but I wanted to edge a little bit so I asked for us to change positions.

I bent over on the backseat and he pushed himself in. He cervix-knocked a little so I had him back up a little (but not too much). His tip danced on my gspot with slow deep strokes as I threw it back on him. I squirted on the seats and needed a break. By the time I was ready to go again, he was drained completely.

We talked about some stuff and put our clothes back on. We made plans to really chill (nonsexual) but I’ve been sick and busy. Finally, we saw each other for a little bit a couple of days ago. We just took a drive.


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