I was about to leave for spring break and I wanted to see Nuisance. I called him the night before and asked if he could drive up. He said he could but he had to drop off his brothers first. I shaved in the shower and went to sleep.

He was supposed to come at 10am but I knew he wasn’t gonna make that time he because he had been drinking the night before and he lived 2-3 hours away. I ate some food and jumped in the shower since he woke me up calling nonstop. Nuisance came around 12pm and looked so beat when I opened the door. I wanted to let him sleep and take a nap my damn self. I walked into my bedroom and chilled on the bed for it while he handled a family call. He came into the room and took my shirt off of me and pulled me into the living room.

My apartment kept the blinds open but he wanted them closed so none would see us. Marshall sat on the couch and had me straddle him. I was still mad about him being late so I was pouting and fussing at him. I got off of him being an asshole because I felt him getting hard. Nuisance moved to the big couch and asked me to sit on him again. He grabbed my face, kissed me, and apologized for being late. He started sucking my nipples and neck as he rubbed my back.

I got off of him again and told him to take off his pants. As soon as he sat down after removing everything, I took him into my mouth. I sucked on the head and watched his eyes roll back as I took him whole. I took turns with my hands and mouth stroking him. I reached up with my free hand and started choking him. When I could tell he was close to cumming I stopped.

I got up off my knees and straddle him again. He put his dick in and grabbed my hips so he could jack hammer me. I was creaming everywhere while he was kissing me all over my titties and neck. He grabbed my face and made me look at him while he hit my spots. He sucked on my lips and told me to “cum for daddy”. He was giving my ass hard slaps (the kind that sting but feel so good) and I came all over that man. He had the biggest innocent but not really grin on his face.

He bent me over the couch. I told him to hurry up and put the dick in. He entered me slowly and I yelled at him to not be soft this time. Nuisance grabbed my hair and sped that shit up. I almost fell off the couch. He put my arms behind my back and sped it up even more. If my roommates were home, they would’ve been pissed. We were definitely moaning too loud and cussing each other out.

Marshall let me put my arms back on the couch to balance myself. He lifted one of my legs up and slow stroked me. He licked and bit my back. Marshall started choking me and put his fingers in my mouth. I started squirting and he pulled my face to his so we could kiss. After I finished squirting, I turned around to face him. I lifted my legs up and held them. Marshall shoved it in and made sure to keep tapping my gspot while playing with my clit.

He basically had us in that “you’re gonna be a father position”. Marshall stroked me and I sucked on his ears and neck. I let my ankles go and they landed on his shoulders. I reached up and stared choking him. I love feeling his dick pulse fast to the point where I have to question if he’s cumming in me. When I started calling him “daddy” his dick pulse quickened. I clenched my walls on him and told him to “cum wherever he wanted”. We started biting each other’s lips and I heard his cum groan start. He couldn’t cum in me so he pulled out and came somewhere. I squirted everywhere too.  I don’t know where the cum landed or even cared to know.

I made us plates of food as he put his clothes on. I ate my food really quickly and put my shirt back on. I was chilling in my room and he came into the room fussing because I wasn’t spending time with him. I actually filing my gyno test results since I was recently tested. He looked at the paperwork. I told him the test results were from my wellness check (Pap smear and blood work) so he helped me file it. I have some womenly issues with my cycle and anemia issues so he was always on top of me making sure things are being taken care of. My iron was still kinda low so he fussed a little. He was being nosy on my desk. He played with the beads and mask from the masquerade party. He made a joke about that night and we went into the living room to chill. We watched a few videos while I rubbed his beard and head while he rubbed my butt.

I had to leave out so I walked him and we kissed and he did this thing that freaked me out a little. He was rubbing my hands and staring at me in my eyes. I had to cut the eye contact because family was on the way. I gave him another kiss goodbye and went upstairs to get ready to go meet the family.


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