Don’t Grip the Shower Rod

I woke up from a nap after getting my soul sucked out my clit. Darryl was in the shower and I wanted to join him. I took off my clothes piece by piece and by the time I got to the door I was butt ass naked. The door had a crack in it so I went in and turned out the lights. I love showering in the dark. He called out my name and I told Darryl I had to pee so he wouldn’t attack me when I came in. Everyone thinks about how they’ll have to fight an intruder naked once or twice in the shower lol. But anyways I pulled the curtain back, stepped in, and he was turned around.

Nothing like seeing a strong black man shower after pleasing you…. tell me I’m lying. I fucking dare you.

I rubbed his back and kissed his neck while he continued washing. Darryl turned around to me and lifted me up on his shoulders. He threw me up against the wall. As my back pressed up against the cold wall, he warmed me up by licking my clit. He took his time licking, sucking, and nibbling on my clit. I squirted in his mouth and he had me stand and him get on his knees. Darryl decided to put his middle finger in my butt. He continued eating me as he played with my butt.

As I started cumming again, Darryl pushed his finger in deeper. He caught the nut again and swallowed it. He wouldn’t let me catch my breath… he started eating my ass. I was scratching the walls. Then when he started playing with my clit I started to run.

Run where? I don’t know but that feeling was too great.

I was on the back wall so I gripped the shower rod because my knees started to feel weak. Darryl kept going and I started to cum. I came in his mouth and let go of the shower rod. He stood up and lifted one of my legs up to work his dick in. Darryl slow stroked me with deep strokes. He started choking me and bit my ear and neck. I felt like I was going to cum again soon so I told him to stop playing with my ear. Did her listen? No that nigga didn’t. He sped up his stroke and I felt my knees getting weaker. I grabbed the shower rod again so I wouldn’t fall.

I tugged the shower wall a little too hard and it came tumbling down.

I mean Humpty Dumpty falling down. I tried to catch it but I was being a dumbass at the moment and put my foot up on the tub. The tub was slippery because one of the shower gels had a lot of oil in it. So that being said I slipped, kicked him, and knocked over everything in the process not trying to not fall.

He had a red mark from the kick and I suffered leg pain for a week. NEVER AGAIN.


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