“Twas the Night of Toga

I had just seen Nuisance/Marshall a week or two before this big annual party that happens in my city. I made rum Jell-O shots the night before. My roommate and friends decided to get dressed at our apartment so my roommate and I double-cleaned up. As we’re getting ready, I’m taking shot after shot. I had about 15 or 16 and a cup of juice the roommate made. When we’re finally dressed, Ray-Ray pulled out a blunt for T and I to smoke with him. I took a couple more shots with everyone and we left.

On the way there, I’m sending Nuisance pics and messages telling what I planned to do to him lol. The party was insane and I was being given their drinks by one of the brothers because we’ve been cool since I was a freshman. He gave me 5 or 6 cups. After a while I start to feel the drinks and shots, so I texted Nuisance and told him to meet me in a corner. I was gonna fuck him on the dance floor. We kept tryna meet up but our crossfadedasses were on opposite sides of this damn room with thousands of ppl in-between us. I go back to dancing with my ppls. When the party was over we walked to the car and before I could even put on my seatbelt, Nuisance was blowing up my phone….

Marshall: Where are you?

Me: About to pull off

Marshall: Lemme have a threesome…

Me: Nigga let have one with a you and guy (knowing he’d shut up)

Marshall: I was joking. You want me all to yourself don’t you because you know I’m your’……

Me: Yep got it *click*

Marshall (after calling me back): Don’t hang up on me again <he says my name> … We’re on the way.. How many girls do you have with you? I have 4 guys.

Me: 3 girls.

Marshall: Ard see you when I get there. Be ready for me… we’re having a long night.

Me: whatever bye

I took my shower and when I came out Nuisance was calling. They couldn’t get into the building so RayRay went downstairs to get them. Nuisance and his brothers came into the room and spoke. Nuisance walked up to me and started kissing me so the brothers took that as their cue to leave the room. They went to the couches where the liquor was and Nuisance closed the door. He walked over to me and started kissing me on my neck (He’s the only man who can kiss me on my neck correctly and have me soaked). He played with the clit then lifted me off the bed and moved my shorts to the side. He slid in slowly and stroked me fast a shit. I started to moan really loudly so he placed his fingers in my mouth and pulled my head back so we can kiss. He asked me if he’s the only one I’m messing with… told him yea (of course)… the pussy was his (IT IS STILL HIS). We came together and fixed our clothes to go to the room to chill with our friends.

We were playing Kings and talking shit. Nuisance asked me again was he the only one I was messing with after we had some shots…I told him the same answer I gave in the room .. One of his brothers made a slick comment about trying to get with me and he give him a look so the brother shut up. One by one the brothers went to sleep with the liq in their hands. Ray-Ray, T, Nuisance, and I were still up so we were just talking. I felt all the liq and weed started to hit so I grabbed a Capone so Nuisance and I could smoke. T and Ray-Ray went home.

Nuisance and I went into the room. He pulled my shorts down and pulled off my old school cropped top. He threw me on the bed and started kissing and licking me from my neck down to my feet (not a feet person but he can do whatever he want to my body). He came back up and flipped me over to my stomach. Nuisance bit the back of my neck to my butt. He decided to lick both my cheeks. I almost jumped off the bed. I turned back around. He stared at me then started kissing me on my lips for the longest time. Biting. Sucking. Licking. I was begging for the dick by this time.

He lifted my legs and putting them together to one side and started slow stroking me. As he sped up his strokes, he bit my ankles and calves… that shit was everything …or so I thought. I spread my legs so he can go deeper because I felt myself building up to squirt. He gripped my ankles and stroked faster. He spreads my legs further apart and asked if I loved him…. I managed to speak out a “yes” as I’m squirting on him and he’s kissing me.

I rolled over to my stomach.I arched my back and told him to put it wherever he wanted. He grabbed me by my braids and shoved his dick in. I’m throwing it back on him as he’s biting my back and neck. I felt my cream dripping down our legs and heard his breathing quicken. I tighten my walls around him and he groaned louder. The dick pulse was quickened. He asked “where do you want it”… of course I tell him “anywhere baby it’s your pussy”. He pulled out and I flipped over to catch the nut. I swallowed it and looked up at him with a grin.

We cuddled until he fell sleep with a smile on his face. I threw my robe on and put blankets on his brothers since we turned the air up in the apartment. I came back into the room and he pulled me close to him in his sleep. This is where the real drunk side of me came out. I was horny again so I kept tryna suck his dick while he sleep. They had a conference in the morning but I didn’t give a shit. He kept saying “give me 15 minutes baby”. I set an alarm to wake him up in time for sex before the conference… I slept through it. I just woke him up after his brothers damn near banged the door down. We kissed and I went back to sleep.


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