This guy Darryl and I met on Halloween. He was a couple of years younger than me but was cool as shit (or so I thought). There was this big fight and niggas started shootings I lost my friend in the crowd because this older man pushed me up against the wall to block me from the commotion. Y’all know how us black people do.. we don’t try to see what happen next.. we run when we hear the gun cock.

When everything died down, I was standing next to this “next door neighbor cute” westside certified younger man. Dimples. White Smile. Tall. Nicely dressed. He was holding my hand lol. We found my friend and everyone was tryna dip because it was too much going on. He was driving us back realized my hands couldn’t stop twitching.
He asked if I wanted one of his Marlboros… I just said “Capones only”. He stopped at the gas station and bought me some. I relaxed after that so I was talking like my usual self. We joked about my costume (I was a nurse) and these people we saw at the gas station. I had on tall high boots and he immediately asked if I was stripper because he’s never seen someone run as fast I did in heels πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ.

Naw man I just run fast and I do damn near everything in heels.

I didn’t want to sleep alone…. I just broke up with one of my exes during this time and it was a bad one… YES SOME WOMEN AND MEN DO IT. NO JUDGING. … I was over it and knew hell would have to freeze before we ever got back together. (I’ll discuss it at another time). I had been drinking too but whatever. We dropped everyone off and I went home with him. I sent my friends his info… good habit to have ppl.

I need some proper head. My ex bit me sooooo head was off the table.. I was scared to let anyone down there to please me with their lips and tongue.

He lived with his mom and her boyfriend… well he said they lived with him. I turned on the Netflix and clicked on Sleepy Hollow with Johnny fine ass (one of my favs). He gave me a change of clothes and left out until I was changed. We cuddled under the covers and half way into the movie, he started kissing me on the back of my neck. He went from the back of the neck to my pussy. Like literally jumped down there.

Darryl sucked and licked on my clit like that tongue had batteries to vibrate. That shit wasn’t normal. I had to put my face in the pillow because I was moaning too loud. He had me cumming and squirting until the end of the movie. That head was on the top list and better than any sex toy I had. When he finally came up, he took his fingers and wiped my cum from his lips and sucked it off while staring at me. He realized he didn’t have a condom and I’m all about sexual health so HE NEEDED ONE.

He picked up the phone and called his mom after looking in his room for one. She told him she had some in her room and they met in the hallway. His mother handed him a box and told him “no more babies”. We spoke about his son briefly while he was looking for the condom. I just stared him for the longest when he came back in the room because I was shocked as shit. She was real nonchalant about him calling for the condom. Why did she give him a box though?!

Anyways, we talk for a bit then proceeded with the nasty sins. He put me in front the mirror and had me look at him while he fucked me. He wasn’t big at all but that curve was a “yes lawd” curve. He bit and licked my back while he stroked me. Every once and a while, he would pull out and eat for a while until I squirted in his mouth then put it back in. When he came, he put me back on the bed and ate me again…. by then my clit was sensitive as shit but he said he had to keep tasting me. This man was younger than most men I’ve been with knew how to eat beautifully.

This is where shit started going left. As soon as he fell asleep his phone was blowing up. The name Wifey with the ring, bride, lips, and baby emoji pop up. Y’all she called this man 8 times in a row.. I hit the ignore button on the last call since he didn’t want to answer it. When we woke up in the morning, I told him his phone was blowing up and asked was he still dealing with the mother because I don’t do drama especially with the mother of someone’s child. He said they were on and off which I figured because the son was 1. We left out and he stopped at one of his partna’s houses. Ultimate trap house… I was like no more of this side of the city shit. He dropped me off to my apartment and bought me breakfast.. he had work.

We met up another time after that but he was disrespectful. I told him from the jump.. someone had my heart. It wasn’t my ex… it was Nuisance/Marshall.. but he still had a girlfriend at the time. We were tryna settle our situation with our exes (Nuisance/Marshall broke up with her a week laterπŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ) and figure each other out. The night before this big party in my city, Darryl called me asking me to be with his girlfriend on the random. We hadn’t spoken in 4 months I believe. The way he said it was why he was blocked right away because his record. He said “when are you gonna stop being his hoe and get with me?”…. Sir you still fuck your son’s mother half of the time. I also court cased him…. too many things on that record to ignore……DV (twice). I was good where I was.


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