Tina and I are Interrupted

Tina and I met probably almost 4 years ago. She was cool as hell right of the bat. She was thick and chocolate… I love chocolate. I was bored in my apartment texting her to see what she was doing for the day. Tina wanted to get nasty and I had no problem with it so I told her to come over. She was on her period but wanted to still fool around and make me cum.

I told Mr.Red earlier to come over but he never answered so I was gonna have some fun with Tina.

Tina came into the room and we immediately got undressed. She started to kiss me and played with my nipples (this was apparently her first time ever doing anything with a girl). If you’re giving me pleasure, 9/10 Ima give it back so I sucked on her nipples and neck. Hearing her moan was a big ass turn on. Tina and I were so into messing with each other we didn’t hear Mr.Red come in. He watched us as Tina spread my legs apart and started licking my clit. She reached up and started rubbing my nipples in between her fingers as she sped up flicking her tongue on my clit. I lifted her face up and sucked my juices off her lips. She went back to licking my clit causing my eyes to roll back.

Mr. Red came up behind Tina and tried to pull her leggings down. She stopped him and I told him to come to me. I pulled his dick out of his pants and tried to suck as best I could while trying to concentrate on not cumming in Tina’s mouth (I like edging myself). Tina pushed my legs back and licked faster as I came in her mouth. Once I came, Tina joined me in sucking Mr.Red.

Tina and I alternated between sucking the head and licking the shaft. When I sucked the balls, she sucked the head and when I sucked the head, she licked the shaft. His dick had hella spit on it between me and her…. so much to after she stopped sucking there was a trail of spit from her lips to the head.

Everyone had moves to make so we had to stop giving Mr.Red head.

Mr.Red was not having it so he pulled me by ankles and had me positioned in doggystyle. He shoved his dick inside me and fucked me in front of Tina. When I tried to push him back a little because he was going too deep, he grabbed my arm and pulled my hair. He was pissed because I was texting someone important when he first slid in 🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️. He pumped in and out of me while he gripped the back of my neck. When he came, he pulled out and nutted on my back…. right on my bra.

He cleaned off my back and Tina told us we made a good team. As Tina and I started to get dressed, we kissed a little and remembered we had to go. We finished getting dressed and promised to continue this session at a later date..

We haven’t discussed meeting up again yet.


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