Confidence to Ride

I will be the first to admit: At times I’m not comfortable with riding.

I have to really be comfortable with you or frustrated with your performance.

Riding dick can be the most confusing and nerve-wracking position to think of for sex. It’s so many different ways to ride. Cowgirl, froggy, reverse, and etc. If you type in “on top sex position” into google… a billion things pop up.

I always get nervous if it’s a new partner. What if he doesn’t like it? What if I get a cramp?


Chick when you have sex you’re supposed to feel sexy. You’re supposed to remember those kegel exercises and use them on him. Take the confidence you feel on a bombass night out with your girls when you throw on the heels and short dress… and use it on the dick.

What I’m saying is……

Fuck what he may think. 9 times outta 10, he’s enjoying the view of your titties bouncing or ass cheeks clapping on his dick. Throw your hair back (if you have some) and smile. Call him Daddy or whatever you call him. Choke him (grip the sides), slap him, bite him, or do whatever you like. Wink your eye a few times. Cowgirl is a control position so control him.

Reverse Cowgirl.. exactly what it sound like.. you don’t face him. He’s on his back 9/10.

You can bounce up and down on your tippy toes (squat and bounce), lean forward *as if in doggy style*, and thrust against his penis (grip his ankles so you don’t fall over)

Regular Cowgirl…
lean back and grind
have your man sit up as you mount him (y’all can kiss or whatever you like to do in this position)

If you don’t like the bed… use a chair.
If you don’t like the chair… use the floor.

Being top and watching your man die under your control is everything. Watch his eyes roll back, feel him grip your hips harder, feel his dick pulse quicken, listen to his heart rate quicken, and enjoy that shit.

*whispers* Porn can be your best friend too.
You can perform any position you want as long you have confidence. You have to believe in yourself and your walls. Also there’s no harm asking your partner for pointers.


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