Hennessy and Remy

Nuisance called me on FaceTime telling me to be ready for him at 10pm. He had a rough week at work and needed to see me. I was hesitant at first because I was visiting the family didn’t want them to think I was doing a drive-by visit. My parents were going out so I told him I’d meet him. My roommate was coming this way from visiting her family so she scooped and we went to the apartment. We rushed but we shouldn’t have because he lived 2 hours away from me.

I made sure everything was clean like we left it (we had two other roommates) and I changed my clothes. He called and told me he was walking upstairs so I left the latch down on the door. As he was walking in, I sat the Paul, Henne, and Remy with the shot glasses on the table. He kissed me then walked straight to my room to change his clothes….. little did I know he also in there looking at my new sex toys. He came out the room and immediately brought up the butt plugs….

Him: I saw your little set of dildos
Me: Baby those are butt plugs
Him: Forrrrr
Me: For us to start doing anal
Him: *the look of complete surprise, nastiness, and excitement* *sips drink*

My roommate brought out some juice and he said we didn’t need it (he didn’t need it) . She poured herself a cup with the Henne and juice and said that was her only drink because she was going to a party. I poured myself a cup and filled the 8z shot glass with Henne and Remy. His idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. He made me sit on his lap as we took turns taking our shots. I tapped out at 4 and he tapped out at 6.

We started to discuss the summer and things like that when I felt myself being poked by him. He was hard as shit. I felt his fingers trace my back as he lifted the back of my shirt up. He kissed and nibbled on my spine, sucked on my neck, and played with my nipples under my shit as I tried to keep a straight face in front of my roommate. My roommate soon got the hint so she left out.

I followed him to the room. I watched him finish his drink and I finished mine. He grabbed my face and kissed me very slowly. I yanked his pants and got on my knees. As soon I started really sucking on the head, he pulled me up. He removed my clothes, picked me up, and threw me on the bed. There he took his time kissing and licking my stomach, thighs, and hips while staring at me. Marshall climbed onto the bed and on top of me. He kissed me as I guided his dick inside me then he started sucking on my nipples.

He slow stroked me tapping my gspot, letting me feel every pulse until I squirted and creamed all over his dick. I grabbed his dick and sucked on it as fast and hard as I could while playing with the balls. Marshall pulled his dick out my mouth and had me bend over. He shoved his dick inside of me and pulled my hair. He gripped my neckΒ with his other hand as he asked “who’s pussy is this?” . I just looked back at him and grinned causing him to stroke harder. He gripped my neck harder, stuck his thumb in my butt, and asked again “who’s pussy is?”. I called out his name, and threw it back as I clenched on his dick so he pulled out and came all over my back. He wiped me off and we went to sleep cuddling.

Marshall was out like a light snoring in my ear and I couldn’t sleep. I moved in between his legs and put his dick in my mouth. I started off sucking the head and when he stopped snoring, I swallowed him completely. He started playing with my hair and told me to “clean up the mess I left on his dick”. I stopped giving him head and tongued him down. I acted like I was going back to sleep but he knew better. Nuisance started to rub my butt and suck on my neck. I climbed on top of him and he told me to ride. So I straddled him but in the opposite direction (reverse cowgirl if you need the name) and worked his dick in me. I bounced up and down on his dick while every couple of seconds looking back at him. He slapped my ass and gripped my hips telling me he enjoyed the view. I bounced harder until I heard him scream “baby move”, and when I jumped off his dick….his cum shot out everywhere.

We cuddled back up and until he went to sleep. I jumped in the shower and slept next to him. I never really went to sleep because I couldn’t stop watching him smile in his dream. When I woke up in the morning, his feet was in my face and he was playing with my feet. After I fussed him out, we watched tv…. well I watched tv… he took some pictures of me and posted him in a guy’s group chatπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„. We stayed in bed until about 12pm joking around and parted ways.


**************Marshall and Nuisance are the same person****************


It’s his birthday today so….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 😘😈😍 and enjoy your day booboo








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