Sex for Breakfast

Marshall called me at 6am telling me he needed to see me and he was 30 minutes away. His phone was broken from drinking and joking around with his brothers 🙄🙄🙄… he couldn’t read my texts. He would call when he was close. I jumped up and shaved in the shower. I threw on a black top and threw my braids into a bun because I needed them out my face for the work I was about to give. Marshall called me downstairs to sign him in.

We went upstairs and I was still on the phone talking to K so he took my phone, told her bye, and hung up. He started kissing me on the bed then put me on my back. He bit my neck all the way down to my butt. He lifted my butt up and bit me until I collapsed. Marshall slapped my butt asked what his name was. I called him Daddy and his real name which by the way is… blah blah. He jumped off the bed, pulled the cuffs out of the secret drawer and, slapped them on me. He licked and bit my back while slowly entering me. He stroked me slow as we went from watching it go in and out and watching each other facial expressions. I squirted on his dick and was ready for more.

He pulled out of me and had me straddle him in the chair. He wanted to watch me ride him in front of the mirror. I bounced and twirled on his dick while watching his face. As I started to bounce harder, he stopped me. He gripped my hips so I wouldn’t move and grabbed my face. He tongued me down. As I started biting on his lower lip I started to try to bounce again but his grip was too strong. I stayed still while feeling him pulse inside of me. That shit felt like everything. I was ready to tell him to make me a twinky. I started to grip his dick with my walls and watched his eyes roll back. He started to loosen his grip on my hips so I slow bounced on him but gripped the tip everytime I bounced up.

He removed the cuffs from me as we moved back to the bed for missionary. Marshall pushed my legs to one side behind my ears and slow stroked me. He was hitting my gspot so beautifully that I was squirting all over him and couldn’t stop. He looked down, stared at me in my eyes, and started kissing me again. Marshall let my legs go and continued slow stroking me until he started slow pulsating inside me and I started gripping him harder. He pulled out and came all over my chest. He wiped me off and we went to sleep cuddling with his hand in between my thighs.


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