Greg was this musician who needed to find a day job. He was very serious about his rap career. He only played his music. ONLY HIS MUSIC. No one wanted to tell him he couldn’t rap.

It’s was summertime and I went over to his place because he was having a listening party. The drinks were flowing and everything was cool. People started to leave and I stayed to help clean up. We finished cleaning and turned on Netflix to watch OITNB.

He turned to me and said “I like you. You support me and I fuck with it”. He leaned in to kiss me and I turned my head. I really wasn’t feeling him that way. He played it off by saying something was in my hair. We go back to watching OITNB and I fall sleep on the couch. I was comfortable there so I asked for blankets and fell right back to sleep.

I woke up to the sound of sex. Like ass smacking and deep moaning sex. I kept my ass on the couch and tried to go back to sleep. Since I couldn’t I knocked on the door, and told them to shut up. I heard three different laughs. Greg came out the bedroom butt ass naked, and apologized while I was covered my eyes.

If I’m not interested in you… I prefer to never ever see you naked.

He went back into the room, and then called me in the room. I stood by the doorway and asked what he needed. His friend asked if I could join. I just gave them a look and walked away. He texted me saying he was sorry.. they’re all drunk blah blah. I went back to sleep and told him we’ll discuss his shit in the morning. It wasn’t the first time someone had tried me…. but they never try again after we speak about it.

I was in a dream sleep and woke up to banging. Greg walked out the room and opened the door. It was his ex-girlfriend. I don’t think she saw me because she pushed him and ran to the bedroom. All I heard was shit breaking. Then I saw the friend, some random ass girl, and guy run out the bedroom. Greg was still on the floor. The ex-girlfriend was going off throwing shit at all of them. I finally peeped who the ex girlfriend was. We had chemistry class together. I walked over to her to calm her down.

She grabbed my face and kissed me. Full on tongue kissed me. I pushed her off and looked over to see the three niggas jerking off even the random shorty was playing with herself. I grabbed my shit and walked out. I called for my lyft, and left.

The ex-girlfriend came up to me that Monday in class and asked why didn’t I stay. BIHHHHHH WHY THE FUCK YOU THINK?!??


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