Masquerade AfterParty with Nuisance

Marshall/Nuisance and I met up at a masquerade party after messing with each other all day on FaceTime. I was talking to my friends, looked over, and saw him staring. A smile crept across his face as I walked towards him. He grabbed my butt and kissed my neck as I sucked on his ear while we hugged. I walked off to meet my friends again. Throughout the night, I caught him in the corner staring at me or either standing next to me just hawking. Whenever we were really close he would reach under my dress, pull my thong to the side, and rub my clit it rub my ass.
The party was over, and he wanted to get a hotel room. I told him to just come back to my spot. I ordered him some food from this special place in my city because he’ll only eat it if he’s in town. I handed him the food when we got into the apartment and went go my room to get ready to shower. He was on my heels. He came into the room, stared at me for a few seconds with this wild look in his eyes, then came over to me. He grabbed my face and started kissing me. I started biting on his lips, and sucking on tongue. He helped me out my dress and panties by ripping it slightly. He kissed me from my neck down to my thighs. He always paid special attention to my nipples because  he said they were made for him to suck on. I jumped off the bed and pulled his pants down.
He asked if I missed him and I told him no. I always told him no if he asked. I took him in my mouth and swallowed it whole while he played with my hair. He told me he wasn’t going to ask me again because he already knew I missed him and he missed me. I started to dismiss whatever he was saying because I was going to work. Spit was running down my chin and tears were running down my face smearing my makeup. I started to really suck on the tip and did the two hand twist so he stopped me. He pulled his dick out of my mouth, lifted me up, and bent over the desk. He shoved himself in and started choke stroking me. No warning. nothing. As things were falling off the desk, he told me he loved my pussy that’s why he fucked me the way he did. He pulled my hair, shoved his fingers in my mouth making me gag, and deep stroked me fast as fuck like we were parents with kids sleeping who were about to get up. I squirted on the dresser as he gripped my neck harder and just when I was about to ask for a break, we were interrupted.
My roommate drunkenly locked herself out so Marshall and I were trying to decide who should let her in. Marshall was about to walk out the door but I stopped him because he was refusing to put his pants back on. He wanted the cream on his dick to glisten in the dark as he walked to the door, and wanted my roommate and the nigga to know that they were interrupting something good. I opened the door for her and the random ass nigga. I went back in the room and he bends me over the desk. He asked we could do anal while rubbing lube on me. I was drunk but not that drunk….. plus I didn’t physically prepare. We continued on the bed because my legs were giving out.
We moved to the bed…. well he threw me on the bed and climbed on top to kiss me. He started kissing me on my forehead and nose while slapping my ass with one hand and choking me with the other. He kept putting it in and pulling it out to tease me. So I started cussing him out. He finally put it in forreal….and started slow stroking as I called him Daddy. I clenched my walls around him and felt him pulse as he stared at me. I grabbed his face and kissed him as I clenched one more time and end up squirting. He is cumming at the same time almost forgot to pull out but I pushed him out …. and nutted all over me.
We went to sleep cuddling and he woke up two hours later for that long drive to work.

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