I Couldn’t Wait Anymore: How Marshall Became Nuisance

I had woken up to 5 missed calls and a drunk text for me to get up. Marshall was coming from the bar and wanted to see me. Just as I was about to call him, he called me and told me to get my ass up and send him my room number. By the time I actually got up to freshen up, he was knocking at my door. My roommates let him because everyone in the apartment was in the living room and I was brushing my teeth. He came up behind me, hugged me, then sucked on my ear …. mouthwash went everywhere lol…. such an amazing feeling omg.

We walked into the living room and I spoke to his brother and my roommates. We chilled in the living room joking for a little bit. Marshall said he was tired and told his brother he was spending the night as the brother was leaving out. The brother had Marshall’s car for the night so he drove to another school to see a girl.

He started kissing and grinding on me as soon as I closed the door. He pulled my sweatpants down and traced his finger around my thighs. His dick was average, curved (everything they say about curved dicks are true), and chocolate. He took his pants off and asked if I was ok with what was about to happen. I told him I wanted to wait the month before (it was my 23rd birthday) because I wasn’t ready yet. I was on a sex break, and I couldn’t wait anymore.  I had to have him. I spread my legs and gave him a look instead of speaking.

Sir she’s shaved and ready for you. Come do some damage baby. 3 months without any dick? I need every inch.

He kissed me and entered very slowly. I was a damn waterfall. That man started to hit areas I didn’t even know existed. As soon as it started really getting good, he pulled out and nutted on my hips. He wanted to clean me up but I was watching his dick get hard so I told him to take me from the back. We got off the bed and he bent me over the desk. Every single stroke he gave made me wetter and wetter. I came and squeezed hard on him when I felt his dick pulse quicken so he pulled out and came on my butt.

I sat on my desk, put my legs behind my ears and told him to “give it his all”. He gave those deep jackhammering strokes that have you seeing stars. I’m sure by this point my roommates heard everything especially when I called his name. When he pulled out his dick and balls was completely covered in white. It looked like straight icing everywhere. He said he was tired and wanted to cuddle so we cuddled up and joked with each other until he fell asleep. He has somewhat of a baby face (chubby cheeks, dimples, innocent eyes, and all that) so I settled on calling him the Nuisance Child and he called me Punk. I was still horny but excited as shit that I finally got some dick after 3 months. So I called my friend K to discuss it all 😂😂😂. It’s something we do… most people do it…. shut up and don’t give the side eye.

I got off the phone with her, and walked back into bedroom. He looked so peaceful sleeping but in my head I’m was like mannnnn fuck that. I climbed on top of him and started kissing him. He woke up and saw the look on my face so he shoved it in and I just rode him. He grabbed my hips as he started to cum and I dug my nails into his chest. He had to stop me for a minute because he was recently burned (by grease 🙄🙄🙄 acting stupid in the kitchen with his brothers). He really messed up his chest tattoo and shoulder brand but he just moved my hands to his neck. We continued and he started hitting my gspot. I could feel him pulse so I gripped his neck tighter and watched his eyes roll back. He gripped my hips harder and threw me off of him so he nutted everywhere.

I wanted to go again but he was really sensitive so I left him sleep for 30 minutes. When I was ready to go again, I put my hand on his nose and mouth. He looked shocked as shit. I just smiled and told him to get into the chair so I can ride him in front of the mirror. He was really drained so I tried giving him head but between the nuts he had and the liquor it was a wrap. I was pissed as shit because I really wanted to ride choke him. We cuddled up again and went to sleep. (He’s a terrible snorer by the way)

In the morning, I woke up earlier than him so I made him some breakfast… the usual quick black breakfast… French toast. I had mangos and I wasn’t gonna eat so I cut them up and handed them to him when he finally came out the room. He ate and called his brother to pick him up. While waiting for his brother, he wanted to keep hugging me and told me he’ll miss me. He left out and I started my day.



*the picture is not him*


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