You Bit Me

An ex-boyfriend and I were chilling in my living room and talking about dinner. We just placed the food in the oven and he was rubbing my legs. The leg running led to my thighs being kissed and my leggings getting a wet spot.

He took my leggings off on me and told me to relax. He went into the kitchen and grabbed some small ice cubes. He melted them a little and moved my legs apart. He sucked on my clit with ice… which felt ok. Every once and a while, he would let the ice sit on my clit and then quickly move it by flicking his tongue.

He did this for a while and it was starting to feel better. He accidentally left the ice on my clit too long and it started to hurt. I told him to move it and in the process of moving it he chomped on me. I screamed so loud you would’ve thought I was trying to wake up my ancestors.


I jumped back so quick and kicked him in the head. It was a jerk reaction. He apologized over and over. I didn’t let him touch me for months… not even kiss. She took a week or two to full heal. He had chipped tooth so she bled a little. The only thing I could do was use warm compress and H2Ocean Spray everyday.

I never let him give me head again. I still get a little nervous every time I’m about to get head. I never really knew you could get chomped on down there. Learned something new.


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