Why Are You Barking Boo? He Was Gonna Bark Until He Got His Gold Boots.

One of my old fuck buddies came to visit me. He said he wanted to try a new position. I’m always down to try new things as long as they are reasonable.

He picked me up and carried me to the bedroom from the doorway. He threw me on the bed, and started smacking me ass. I greeted him naked so no clothes needed to be removed on my part. I arched my back for him and told him hurry up because he was taking to long rolling the condom on. He put it on right and work his way in.

He pushed me on my stomach and started going harder. Ever had dick so good that it made your mouth water? Yep that was it. He was hitting new spots. I squirted and he kept going. So this is where things get too interesting.

He started Jack hammering me and growling. I mean like dog growling.

I turned my head to look at him and he started barking. I was really disturbed. I told him to stop because I was confused. He pulled himself out and got in front of me. He pulls me to him and started eating. I looked down at him and he pulled away to bark at me. I could’ve sworn I saw his arms lift and hand move like he was about to throw a hook. No he was not Greek and still is not Greek.

When I started to scoot away, he started barking louder. I stared at him like what the fuck is wrong with you. I ran to the bathroom to call one of my friends to see how I should kick him out. I was in the bathroom for 10 minutes and decided how to put it to him. He was chilling on the bed so I walked up to him and said “You gotta go homie. You were barking for no reason. You ruined the sex man. We shouldn’t deal with each other again if you gonna be on this shit”. He walked out.


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