Mr. Red

Mr. Red texted my phone while I was on the train on my way to campus. I didn’t have class until 1pm and it was 7:30am so I told him to meet me at our usually spot.
We get to his place, and I was still on the phone so he took it away from me. I stared at him like NIGGGGAAAAA. He gave me a little tap on the butt and led me to the bedroom.

I started taking off my clothes
sat on the bed. He pulled out some silk rope to tie me up with after I got wet. He climbed on top of me and started kissing me on my neck. He worked his dick in slowly and started giving me slow deep strokes. As soon as my eyes started to roll back, he stopped and put the cuffs on my wrists. He climbed back on top of me shoved his dick in. He started to choke me as I tried to choke him. I succeeded 🙃 and I clenched my walls around him. Kegels are your friend ladies. He started going faster and faster until I came.

He wanted me to get into doggy but that shit was a struggle. I felt like bug struggling on my back to flip over. I know I was looking crazy as shit. He helped me get into doggy then shoved his dick back in. I started creaming all over him as I called his name. He started going faster as he grabbed my hips and bit me on my back. My back is a top spot for me. Do that and I’m creaming. I tried to run because I feel myself about to squirt and I wanted to wait to cum. This man had the nerve to whisper in my ear as he pulled my hair “stop running you’re gonna feel every inch”. I wanted to fight him but I couldn’t so I did a little bit of kegel fun and came.

He decided to switch up the rope situation and tied my ankles to my wrist. He put me on my back, spread my legs apart, and deep stroked the fuck outta me. I was extremely helpless at this point so I started biting him on his collar bone. I like to give him pain when he least expect it while we are having sex. He started choking me again and I tried to push him off. He stopped and asked if I was cool.


But instead I said yea. He take the cuffs off my wrists and ankles and throw them somewhere in the room. He lifted one of my legs up and started hitting me from the side. I looked back at him and choked him as hard as I could. He lifted my other leg and push them both back to my ears. He jackhammered me and I continued to choke him. He started asking me where I wanted him cum. I hadn’t realized that I wrapped my legs around him until he stopped and joked about me wanting him to cum in me.

I told him to get on his back so I could give him some head. I took him in my mouth and immediately started bobbing. I sucked on the head, stroked the shaft, and played with the balls. While I was doing this, I thought to myself let’s be different today. I stopped playing with the balls and gripped his throat while still sucking and stroking him. I can always tell when he’s about to cum because his legs shake so the faster he started to shake the harder I gripped his throat. He came in my mouth and I swallowed. I let his throat go when I was finished everything.

We chilled for a minute in the bed and freshened up for the day.


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