Sometimes You Have To Lie and Say “I’m a Virgin”

AT and I met in class. He stared at me a lot so one day he decided to stop staring and asked me for my number. We went on a few dates and he never tried to kiss me or anything. On this one date, I excused myself to the restroom. I don’t know why but he took this as the hint to do some bathroom damage.

I walked out restroom and he pushed me back in. He lifted me up on the counter to grind on me. He sucked on my neck and bit my lips. He pulled my skirt up and started sucking on my thighs. He pulled my panties to the side and sucked on the clit. He started licking the clit really slowly then sped it up. He licked his lips and said “damn you taste like starbursts”. He was tryna be cute but sir I know I don’t taste like starbursts. So I laughed it off and said, “continue pleasing me”.

Everytime he came up to say something it was “you taste like starbursts”. I started to get annoyed so I told him we should probably stop. Like nigga I know you know other phrases. Thinking cap my nigga. He’s like, “nah I want to feel you too”. I decided to cut the night short. I wasn’t feeling it.


The look on his face said it all. He was disappointed and pissed. He had already paid the check so we left out. I blocked his ass as we were leaving the restroom. We drove back in silence and never spoke again. While in the car I texted one of my fuck buddies who was in town and dropped off the food to him since I didn’t like it.


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