5 Hours of Pleasure: He’s Been Wanting A Taste

It was my 20th birthday and Homecoming weekend. My friend Chance had came from over west to chill with me and my friends. We had little crushes on each other but I didn’t want to cross that line until he gave me the signal.

Chance took me to get some new piercings and he joked about wanting to see them but I couldn’t show him yet. We go to the game and the tailgate. My friends and I had this bottle full of liquor that we were passing around and drinking all day.

When the night came, we were sitting in the car waiting for plans to happen. Chance and I kept drinking. He reached over to grab the drink from me and I pulled back so we were play fighting. He grabbed my face and tongued me down. He lifted my bra up and started sucking on my nipples. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the drunken pleasure. All of a sudden I hear a knock on the window, it was one of my friends.

She told us where the next move was and we got out the car. We met up with the weedman and it was his birthday weekend too. When we walked in, it was bags and bags of blunts and bottles of every liq you could think of. We played Kings, True or Dare, Drunk Driver, and other games while passing the blunts. By the time we left, everyone was on a beautiful level.

Some friends and I decided to go to this party at one of the apartments near by. The party started at 12 and it was 12:30. Our college parties work on CP Time. My friends got out the car and we told them we’ll meet them inside. Chance tell me to get into the backseat because he wanted to try something. He met me in the backseat and started kissing me gain. He pulled down my leggings and started playing with my jewelry. He licked and sucked on the clit while staring at me to see what my reaction would be.

I pushed his head into my thighs deep. He said he been wanting to taste me since he met me (we met during Senior Week). I looked up and the ceiling started to spin. I started calling for God, Mary, and Joseph. As I was cumming, my friend knocked on the door to hand me her keys. Chance started to go harder.

My friend dip off to meet back up with her boyfriend and I cum. We went back and forth with this until 5am. Every time he came up from making me cum, his face was covered like a just made Krispy Kreme doughnut. I sucked on his lips every time. My legs felt like jello. When you’re drinking, liquor can hit you fast with having to pee. That’s what happened to me. We were near a bunch of cars so he drove to another area in the parking lot. I was still butt assed naked as I jumped outside the car and peed. I saw headlights shinning on the car so I jumped back in fast as shit. I cleaned my myself up with baby wipes and put my clothes back on.

We drove to my friend’s house since she left her keys with us. Everyone’s phone was dead. Chance and I cuddled in the parking lot of my dorm then we said our goodbyes. His grandmother needed the car for church in the next hour.


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