The Man Who Loved Ass

TJ and I had met at the gym. He was this buff guy with a full beard that needed to be sat on. We’d have little gym dates and go to restaurants afterwards to talk. After this one gym date he asked if we could chill at his place for a change.

We get to his apartment and he handed things to wash up with. He never came in the bathroom or anything, just knocked to make sure I was fine. After I was finished, I sat on the couch and scrolled through Netflix. He came out the bathroom, ordered food, and sat on the couch with me. While waiting for the pizza to come, we watched Family Guy and relaxed.

After eating the pizza, we cuddled and went to sleep. I slept through out the whole night and woke up to being kissed on my forehead. Being kissed on the forehead led to being kissed down to my hips. He flipped me over and told me to spread my cheeks. He started to eat my ass. He stuck his tongue in my hole and wiggled it in a circle while smacking my ass. I was in such a shock by the way his tongue moved that I was running. YES I RAN. He wrapped his arms around me so I wouldn’t run and started fingering my hole while eating it.

I almost died, went to heaven, and reincarnated.

Since I was gonna run again, he tied me up with silk rope and had me get into facedown ass up position. He spat on it and kept eating until a tear dropped. I was in complete ecstasy. No man had ever eaten my ass Iike that. He said he wanted to eat it until I squirted. I definitely did a few times. When I needed a break, I asked him why didn’t he try to fuck or eat the pussy. He said “I like your ass and I wanted you to cum. Most people are against ass-eating and don’t know they’re missing out on some of the best pleasure they’ll ever experience sexually”.

He was tired of talking about it so he picked me up and carried me to the shower. We washed up and he ate my ass under the water while he put one of the shower heads near my clit. It was one of the best sex experiences I’ve ever had.


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