Why Are You Shimmying? The Kappa Story.

Why? and I met on campus… he was meeting one of his brothers at the time and we traded numbers. A month goes by and he asked to come see me. He came over and we planned to watch a movie.

He cooked me dinner and we ended up with our shirts off. He asked to please me so I’m like “ard cool” thinking he’s about to give massage or something. No this man meant vibrating his tongue on the pussy. I mean really vibrated like my face was stuck. My legs shook forever and he was determined on making me cum. As I am cumming his phone rang and he had to leave to go to a meeting in a few hours out D.C. I was pissed he had to leave so quickly but I’m where I am so I get it.

He drove back to see me the next weekend. I thought it was gonna get real. He found his way upstairs and I let him in since I’m was cooking in the kitchen. We ate, talk, and drank some wine. He took me into the room and told me to get on my stomach. He gave me a massage with his tongue and by the time he reached my lower back, I was ready to pounce. He pulled out a condom and asked if it’s ok. I told him yea it’s cool.

As soon as he put the condom on he went soft. I mean deflated balloon soft. I know some guys really don’t like condoms so I’m tried to get him hard again by sucking on his ear because we’re gonna use it dammit. He got hard again and we started having sex in missionary. He went soft again. I’m stared at his dick like tf wrong with you. He put my legs behind my ears and started eating. This man started to shimmy. This was the only way he could stay hard šŸ™„šŸ™„šŸ™„. Sir why are you…..?


We tried it from the back since he was hard again after shimmying , and within deep 5 or 7 strokes, he came.

In my head, I’m thinking you have all types of dick issues. Can’t stay hard and if you do you cum quick….. what kind of shit are you on?

……He was only 26 at the time. I had never heard of young men with these kind of issues at the time. Apparently it’s common.

He said it’s stress. He gave me a massage and we went to sleep. He was so “sweet” that my dumbass dealt with him and his confused dick for 6 months. I thought shit was cool until I ran into him at a party and this nigga stared at me from the next V.I.P table and couldn’t speak. I mean literally stared at me, stood next to me at the bar, then bumped into me when he was walking out the door with another chick.

Nigga I stood by you and your “limp/hard just confused as fuck” dick.


I never saw again him after that but I really hope the penis issue has been resolved.


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