😸 Sexual Health

Having a vagina can be tough. You gotta keep the pH right, trim the hair, and deal with being probed with a metal tool every 3-6 months.

There are still many men and women who do not know much about the vagina so here are some tips.

Here are the simple rules:

The vagina is acidic -7 so if the pH is 7+ you could run into a smell change, discharge, and all types of things.

1. Please visit your gyno 3-6 months to get tested for everything. If you feel like something is off and you take care of her right…. go to the gyno anyway even if it’s the time before getting a checkup. They don’t judge.

2. Water, yogurt, garlic, greens, cranberry juice (low or no sugar), pineapple juice (low or no sugar) and, apple cider (2 tsps) will be loved by your lady.

3. Lotion, SOME condoms, spit, lube, and the dirt under those finger nails can make her angry.

4. SUMMER’S EVE Is the devil. Throw that shit out. RIGHT NOW. You shouldn’t be using anything scented near your girl.

Use a mild soap (I love Vagisil prebiotic) and clean around the area… have a separate wash cloth for her too.

5. Probiotics and prebiotics help keep her bad bacteria in check.

6. Keep the hair trimmed or waxed so you can look at her if needed and not hold odor.

7. Always use a condom and get tested. If you choose to not use a condom please make sure you can trust your partner.

People think that hoes/loose girls get STDs only. In most cases the STDs are coming from trusted partners.

Please make sure your partner is getting tested and not waiting for your gyno results to see if y’all are clean. He/She need their own tests done. If they don’t want to get tested…. RUN.

If you’re having sex, you shouldn’t have a problem getting tested.

I get tested before, after, and during the time I’m dealing with every partner. I also keep my test results on a file.

Having a yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis, or catching a STD doesn’t mean you’re dirty. It means you have an imbalance and you have to get your girl back in order.

8. Let the girl breathe. Cotton panties or no panties. Silk, lace, and all that cute stuff…save for a night out with bae.


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