The Sexual Compatibility was WAYYYYYY Off

This guy (we’re gonna call Anthony) was coming up to see me every weekend when I had my apartment. We clicked beautifully. Amazing convo.. we could sit in silence and shit was cool. Sooooo this one night I’m like I wanna see what he’s about. He had those kissable pussy eating lips.

He’s kissing me in my neck and I’m dry… like Sahara dry. It was almost like he was annoyingly tickling me.

I take my tank top off and he start sucking on my nipples…. I’m still dry. But I’m like maybe it’ll get better.

So… lemme just say I can normally peep the dick size. I failed. Terribly. He was smedium as shit. We put the condom on and he work his way in. I don’t feel shit from the front. He’s curved too so I’m getting pissed off. So I tell him let’s try it from the back. I had the straightest face ever. I still couldn’t feel shit. Definitely a “is it in yet”? Moment.

So this nigga is humping away and I’m quiet as fuck. I’m not throwing it back.. moaning…. none of that. I feel like how a stuffed animal would feel being humped by dog or some shit.

So he start saying “say my name. I’m fucking it up. You’re not gonna walk right for a week”. I was like fuck it lemme crush his spirit since he wanna play stupid. I turned my head around and looked him dead in the eyes and said “I don’t feel shit…”. He start laughing like I was playing. I told him to get out. He tried putting his clothes on and was taking too long so I pushed him out the apartment… with him butt ass naked.


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