Our Stars didn’t Match

We will call him Mr.Forgetful and he is a Gemini (the devil’s children). Libras and Geminis are “supposed” to have amazing sex but our Venus planets must’ve not matched up at all….. according to him.

So Mr. and I were in the middle of discussing sex and he sent me a dicture. From the dicture, I assumed he was medium or marge. He told me, he was on the way over because he had to taste me. I showered and one of roommates let him in for me. As soon as I sat on the bed, he pushed me back and pulled my shorts off. He started licking, sucking, nibbling, and I was bored. It felt like sandpaper on my clit. I tried to give him some direction but nothing helped.

Getting irritated, I told him I just wanted  to fuck right now. His dick didn’t match his frame at all. He was built and the dick stopped at his balls. It was fat though so I’m thought maybe I could work with it. He worked his way in. The stroke was a little off…. he wasn’t fast enough. By the time he got into getting it right he came with the craziest cross eyed cum face I had ever seen.  He got hard again right after though. I bent over because I didn’t want to see his cum face again. I never thought a man could mess up backshots but he did.

Doggystyle is so primal and aggressive you can’t go wrong.

He didn’t smack my ass, choke me, or even pull my hair. Boring as shit right?


He kept taking it out and putting it back in so air was being trapped in my vagina. Between the messed up strokes and the cramping from the air in my vagina, I couldn’t take it. I told him I wanted head again so he could try eating again.


It was better but not all the way there. I wanted to give him another chance with the dick because I felt like he had a lot of potential.

I only came once that night but that was from showing him how to make me cum with my vibrator….. he couldn’t do it but he was trying. He tried it 7 times that night with his dick. He came every time that night and I went to bed frustrated with my vibrator in my hand.

We spoke again after that night and he said our planets must not match up properly although I made his toes curl. Apparently I’m the only girl that has made his toes curl ever… I think he was lying but ok. so having sex again probably won’t work. I wasn’t angry. He wasted my time and condoms.


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