Apparently Women Have No Feeling in their Vaginas

When I first moved in my apartment, my roommates and I decided to throw a party. We bought a lot of liquor and made this drink called “Can You Feel Your Face?”…. It had light and brown mixed with energy shots. One of my friends had way too much to drink so we put her in my room to sleep it off. I heard all of this noise in my room within 5 minutes of her being placed on the bed… she threw up all over my new sheets. We put her on the couch with the trash can and water next to her. I walked to the laundry room and ran into this guy I had been talking to for a few weeks. He stayed with me while I cleaned the sheets and he walked me to my apartment.

We decided to watch a movie after cleaning up. We cuddled on the bed and ended up kissing. He was an amazingggggg kisser…. perfect aggression and everything. He was kissing and biting on my neck and lips. I sucked on his tongue. The ear biting must’ve sent him over the edge because he  put his hand around my neck and tuggeed my hair.

He pulled his pants down and pulled out a condom (that should’ve been the first sign that this wasn’t going to be good… sir I’m not wet at all). He had a smedium size dick. It was skinny as hell too.  I watched  him put the condom out the corner of my eye and it was little loose….

Hold on y’all. I lied…. it was moreeeeee like a pencil in a grocery bag loose. I believe in motion of the ocean but this wasn’t right.

Now before you give me the side eye… this does happen sometimes but the guy when he’s fully hard fills it completely out.. this didn’t happen.

He tried to work his way in and with two mini strokes HE CUMS. He didn’t even fully enter me. I was pissed and disappointed as shit. Like nigga what fuck? He was drinking too so I definitely was confused. He saw my blank face because while he was taking the condom off he said, “women don’t feel anything down there”. I was like “yea you’re right I didn’t feel shit with you”.

He tried to kiss me after I made my comment and I mushed him.

Why after months of trying to refrain from sex did this happen to me? I wasn’t even wet all the way.

I couldn’t sleep… I stared at him all night trying to understand why the fuck the shit happened.  He would roll over and ask “when are you gonna be my girlfriend?”.

Sir why are you still here is the real question? How many women have you disappointed?

I blocked him on my phone while he was sleeping. I’ll block a person who gives me bad sex quick as fuck.

I played super tired in the morning and didn’t answer back when he said bye. I didn’t see him again after that until the next semester when we had class together.


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