Wild Night with Marshall/Nuisance

I planned on shutting shit down in my red dress with no panties on at Pretty Nasty since Daddy was coming. I saw him but ignored him while his frat brother is talking to my friend. They finished up the convo and time passed. He snuck up behind me, kissed me on the back of my neck and rubbed my butt. I didn’t even have to turn around to know it was him. I turned around and smiled before I kissed him. I walked away but  every time we saw each other he grabbed my butt or I grabbed his dick.

I’m drunk.. I mean tore up drunk when the party was over. I had too much nupe juice and oil. His frat brother gave us a ride to my friend’s car. We go to her place and I send him address. After she’s finished showering, him and one of his other brothers pull up. We directed them the apartment from the lot. I ran up the stairs because I was ready to shower. I started getting undressed while he’s talking to me but it a drunk convo between us about me being mean. I didn’t have on a bra or panties so it was quick. He messed with me a little bit while I’m in the shower and decided to finally join. I bent over to get some shower gel and he bit me on my back. He slid the dick in and got to work. I started scratching the shower wall and screaming. He started licking my ear and sucking on my lips. When after we came  together, we washed up. I just stand back and admire his body under the water because he started going to the gym again . I always loved his body though.

We went again for another round with the soap still on us. I squirted all over my friend’s shower wall… ohhh well lol. She forgave me lol.

So we got out the shower and chilled with our peoples. They’re joked us the whole time. His mans kept saying bae was feenin’ the whole way there and they heard us. He got an attitude because my friend said I could sleep in the bed with her naked if I didn’t want to sleep on the couch. They left  because he had to get some clothes and he was pissed 😑😑😑. He came back when I asked because I don’t want to sleep without him and he was tryna cuddle. We went to sleep cuddling and…….

I woke up before him and I was horny as hell. He was knocked out snoring and all. I yanked his pants down and got to work. He started stirring and he started to really wake up because he started  playing with my hair. I’m like good… he’s up and slurp his soul away. I made him get on top and he put my legs back. This man forgot I had a shirt on and sucked my nipples through my shirt 😂😂😂. We tried to keep quiet because my friends were sleep so I bit into in the pillow. I squirted and he pulled out. I jumped up and swallowed it all. We webt back to sleep cuddling after arguing for a bit because he thought I was sleeping with someone else until he realized I wasn’t. My father called… all he heard was a man’s voice 😂😂


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