The Night I First Saw Marshall/Nuisance Openly Jealous

This party we were supposed to go to was  cancelled. My best friend and I were in the apartment drinking with her old boo and his friend. He texted me that he was on the way. So he found his way into my building and knocked without telling me. Every body was looking crazy because we didn’t know he would get there so quickly.
I opened the door and let him in. I went back to the couch to sit down next to the dude. Bae was already angry drunk so him and the dude were having a staring contest. He called me over to him and took into my room.

Once we were in the room, he started questioning me about the guy.

Who is he?

Where did he come from?

Blah blah.

So after I calmed him down he sat in the chair and I straddled him. He was mad because I wouldn’t kiss him but I was stuck on him being jealous. I started kissing him and choking him lightly. Pulled his dick out and started riding while still choking him. So idk if he was still mad about the guy or whatever because he started going hard as shit. My peoples were still in the living room and I’m sure they could hear us.

He placed me on the desk and threw my legs behind my ears. Made me call him daddy and shit… I started rubbing his beard and biting his neck.

We got on the floor and he started stroking harder than ever. I was screaming and everything. He pulled his dick out and made me suck then shoved it right back in.  I started squirting on this man and he started going harder. I scratched his back up… kicked him.. all types of shit. He started choking me and kissing at the same time. He flipped me over and put me on my stomach and when I tell y’all I almost died. A bih almost died. I went temporarily blind from cumming so hard. I wanted to get on top in reverse cowgirl and he was like nah I want you to see me cum. We got back in missionary and I squeezed  too hard a couple of times. I jumped up… got into position and swallowed it all. I couldn’t move afterwards… I was on my floor for 10 minutes.

When I finally joined him on bed to sleep, he just rubbed my feet and I was out like a light.


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